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Enjoy your vacation with authorised travel agents in Bhubaneswar, Mishra Tours & Travels

Enjoy your vacation with authorised travel agents in Bhubaneswar, Mishra Tours & Travels Bhubaneswar Tour operators

Odisha is an enthralling destination for tourists across the world, as it encompasses the sacred temple cities of Bhubaneswar, Puri, and Konark, along with spectacular natural draws at the eco-friendly Chilika Lake, and pristine coastline of Gopulpur-on-sea. Thus, with diverse pictographic landscapes and spiritualistic essence, domestic and international travellers can plan a vacation to unburden their hectic boredoms for magical sojourn in culturally diverse buzzing state of Odisha. Hence, to pre-plan their travel itinerary, trippers should opt for the esteemed travel agents in Bhubaneswar, which is none other than Mishra Tours & Travels.

What Advantages Travellers Can Obtain From Booking With Mishra Tours & Travels?

Mishra Tours & Travels is one of the best travel companies in Bhubaneswar, established in 2011, and offer customised tour packages across diverse holiday spots in Odisha. This reputed tour agent in the spirited city of Bhubaneswar possesses substantial experience in scheduling cost-effective personalised holiday solutions for their clients. Starting right from single day to two, three, four, and seven days mesmerising trip options, travellers can choose as per their intended zone of sightseeing.

Hence, tourists should plan to cherish ageless breathtaking diverseness and exuberance of Odisha by choosing the right tour agents when they first land in Bhubaneswar. Mishra Tours & Travels also offers other captivating and unique tribal and cultural tour packages, like the Odisha to Chhattisgarh tribal trips. In this specific tour programme, tripper usually starts at Bhubaneswar moving to Pipili, Puri, and Konark.

After that they travel to environment-friendly Chilika Lake, pristine seashores of Gopalpur-on-sea, Taptapani, Rayagada, Kothagarh, and finally to Jeypore. More elaborately speaking, at Pipili, travellers can witness the age-old traditional ornamental needlework with some decorative patterns and pictures, which is also popularly known as applique work. Besides, they can also see the unique paintings at Raghurajpur along with the elaborate house-wall illustrations.

Besides, in this Odisha to Chhattisgarh tribal tour package, trippers can also witness the tribes of Kutia Kondh at Tumudibandha areas near Kothagarh. Again, they can find the unique Dhokra art-based tribal jewellery and moulding techniques very intriguing. Thereafter, tourists end their fascinating journey at Jeypore, wherein they can also find the multicoloured regional markets by the Bonda ethnic groups, and other such as the Gadabas and Didayee.

Now, again in the tailor-made textile excursion packages, trippers can relish in by commencing at Bhubaneswar, going past towns like, Dhenkanal, Sambalpur, Baragarh, Barpali, Bolangir, Sonepur. In this trip destination, vacationers can indulge to witness the timeworn ethnic artisanship of indigenous interweaving methods of world-famous tasser silk sarees at Barpali and Sambalpur towns.

In addition, Mishra Tours & Travels has the most favoured tour options for the spirited travellers visiting Bhubaneswar. This specific trip is the famous Golden Triangle of Odisha encompassing the world-renowned destinations of Bhubaneswar, Puri, and Konark. It is also popularly known as the Swarna Tribhuja tour, and can be completed in just three days. The tour packages starts with the travellers getting an awesome opportunity to visit the sacred temple sites in Odisha like the renowned Jagannath temple at Puri, and the popular Sun temple at Konark, also an UNESCO World Heritage site.

Besides, this trip encircles other spiritual stopovers at Rajarani, Sakshigopal, Lingaraja, Brahmeshwar, Vimala Mata, Mukteshwar, and Parashurameshwar temples. Besides, in this Swarna Tribhuja tour, trippers can visit other sacred temples like, Gundicha temple in Puri, Maa Tara Tarini, Chausathi Jogini, and Cuttack Chandi temples. Furthermore, in this tour packages, clients can stop in at the ancient historical place of the Buddhists at Dhauli, popular for the renowned Ashokan Edicts, and the Dhauli Shanti Stupa.

Amongst, other travel destinations offered by Mishra Tours & Travels, includes the partial-day open-safari adventure trip to the renowned Nandankanan zoo. It is first zoological park in India where white tigers can be seen roaming open in the jungles. The trippers can indulge in the safari in a battery-operated car at economical prices.

Final Thoughts

With such unique and diversified custom-made tour options, it is sensible to book you chosen vacation only from reputed travel agents in Bhubaneswar, which is one and only Mishra Tours & Travels. Hence, with 24/7 authentic rental luxury car services at economical rates, and budget-based tour options, they prove to be an invaluable tour agent supported by utmost dedication and professionalism.

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