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Jaisalmer Desert Camp

Jaisalmer Desert Camp Jaisalmer Tour operators

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Desert Dream Royal Camp in Sam provides you amazing and exquisite service with top-notch facilities like Luxury Desert Camp Jaisalmer,Royal Camp in Jaisalmer, Tent in Jaisalmer. It provide your palette with the plethora of cuisine that are crafted by taste, what can take away from the experience when a different array of cuisines are crafted by our meticulous cooks and waves of relaxation.

Jaisalmer is a betray city and right away summons number of pictures in the psyche of explorers. The word itself incites a picture of betrayed arrive with camel quickly proceeding onward the brilliant sands. The city is practically alluring and for residential explorers as it is to outside visitors. Remaining in pride with its monster fortresses, royal residences, jaisalmer luxury tents, haveli's, Jaisalmer grandstands the imaginative feeling of the Rajput lords..

Jaisalmer luxury camp in Sam Sand Dunes is an unquestionable requirement visit in the province of Rajasthan in the environs of the city of Jaisalmer. It is likely that you are going for a Desert Safari when wanting to visit Thar Desert or the consequences will be severe, the purpose of going there is pointless, making the Sam Sand Dunes an expanding significant vacation spot of the city.

Being in the city of Royal Tents in Jaisalmer of moving sand ridges, you can't get away from the seat travel. A rough ride on a camel in the Thar Desert is one of the energizing things to do in Jaisalmer Royal Camps. It enables you to investigate the remote and segregated spots tucked amidst the abandon. Absolutely, the additional time you give on your safari, the more remote spots you are probably going to see and the more you may acclimate to and appreciate the abandon serenity.

The campfire is the focal point for the evening entertainment programme with drinks and rhytms of the Thar – music, dancing, magicians, puppet shows, jugglers, flaming torches and camel parades. It is jaisalmer desert Camps/Tents.

What better place than the desert to embed yourself in moments of utter relaxation and blissful rejuvenation. To experience absolute comfort, guests at the Desert Dream Royal Camp in Sam Jaisalmer are accorded with a contemporary blend of services and facilities.

Ragasthan, unique yet somewhat mercurial is Asia’s first desert camping festival in Desert Camp rooted in the expansive dunes of the Thar desert in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. Eclectic music, culture, tradition, collective participation and shared experiences with Royal Camp in Jaisalmer make for the focal point of the festival bringing together life enthusiasts from the remotest corners of India to those spread across the world.

Royal Luxury Jaisalmer Desert Camps, Luxury Camps in Jaisalmer, Tents in Jaisalmer. Royal camp & Tent in Jaisalmer and Jaisalmer Camp offer Royal Tents and Camps with accommodation in Desert Camp in Jaisalmer. The camp consists of tents, each with verandah, bedroom and bathroom. There is a large dining tent serving the best of Rajasthani Cuisine and a large open reception tent seating areas.

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Address : DESERT DREAM ROYAL CAMP, Opp Sam Sand Dunes, Sam, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan-345001
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