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Restaurant staff: how to retain, educate and motivate

Continuing to reflect on the development of the service in your establishments, one important factor that affects its quality, namely the persistence of staff, cannot be overlooked. After all, it is the system on the principle of "water stone sharpens" you day by day, from training to training you can build quality service.

In this article, we will look at a global problem - staff shortage and flow, and try to find solutions for us, business owners and managers, to improve this situation.

What influences how long your staff is delayed at work? I would highlight the following major factors:

high and timely employee income (salary + tip)
career prospects
atmosphere in the team
social package (transportation, food, premium)
interesting and systematic training
alternatives to employment
In light of these factors, we will look at emerging problems and solutions that I implement in my institutions. get rental car