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metal storage pvt ltd

metal storage pvt ltd Bangalore Equipment / shops

A pallet racking system may look strong and sturdy due to its solid appearance when loaded, however it is nothing more than a free-standing skeleton structure of which the stability is only ensured by the rigidity of the separate components, the soundness of the joints and floor anchoring system. To ensure that the forces and loads are properly taken up and distributed, the structures must retain their almost perfect overall geometry from the moment of construction, and the components must retain their initial characteristics.

Indeed, all the racks are subject to a large number of forces on a daily basis: local impacts, shocks, vibrations by the forklift truck or by pallets, pushing and pulling forces exerted during loading, rough placement of pallets, minor collisions, etc.

For all these reasons, it would be surprising if these structures were to remain in perfect condition for long. As a result of the action of these exceptional loads they will gradually be subject to damage and deformation, will lose their geometric structure that makes them stable and so very gradually start to lose their capacity for absorption and resilience. Without really taking proper note!
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