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mysore 1 day trip

mysore 1 day trip Mysore Tourist information
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When someone says Karnataka, what comes to your mind first? Bengaluru? Udupi? Coorg?
Let us tell you that there’s more to Karnataka than just that. Nestled in the Southern region of the state is Mysore, a gem of a city. Today, the majority of the city is moving towards urbanization and yet it has preserved its beauty well. The Beauty that can you watch with your own eyes within a single day!

That’s where we come in – we take you on guided one day tour across Mysore. Our curated itinerary features spots you just can’t afford to miss when you are going through places to visit in Mysore in one day.
“What all places will I get to visit ”, you may ask.
“All the ones that make Mysore so amazing! ”, is our answer.
Without further ado, let’s talk about our plan for the Mysore One Day Trip:
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